48 Things (Happy birthday to me!)

Everything Else

Today is my birthday. I am 48. Here are 43 things you may or may not have known about me.

1. I am a Gemini.
2. I believe that every year/decade gets infinitely better than the last.
3. I love the color purple.
4. I also love the color green.
5. I have a hard time passing on those online personality quizzes.
6. I am more of a cat person than a dog person.
7. I have two cats.
8. I want to get a dog and name him kitty.
9. I also want a bird. I’m going to name him dog.
10. I have lived in 59 different apartments, homes in my life.
11. I am moving to house #60 in a month.
12. I am an excellent packer and mover.
13. I lean towards minimalism.
14. I only allow myself 40 hangars.
15. I dream about spending a ridiculous amount of time on a college campus.
16. I’m working towardsmy PhD.
17. I am constantly learning.
18. I think middle schoolers are awesome.
19. Some of the coolest people I know are in high school.
20. I am an -ist: psychotherapist, behaviorist, sociologist, gerontologist, and a social scientist.
21. I love what I do. I’m always excited to get up in the morning and do it again.
22. I was up until 1am last night.
23. I like to watch reality tv and come up with therapeutic interventions. (i.e. what would I do if I was counseling them.)
24. I would love to have my own reality television show helping people learn to understand teens.
25. I read zombie novels.
26. I have a zombie apocalypse plan.
27. If zombies come, I’m heading to Ikea, Super Target or the grocery store to hide out.
28. I’ve watching Zombieland more than I’ve watched Fight Club.
29. Zombieland and Fight Club are two of my favorite movies.
30. I’ve watched Willy Wonka more than either.
31. My sister and I watched Wizard of Oz every Thanksgiving when we were growing up.
32. We also watched the Jerry Lewis telethon every Memorial Day.
33. We would try to stay up for the full 72 hours. We made it 6.
34. I had a heart procedure six years ago.
35. Before I had a heart procedure, I ate like a 17-year-old boy.
36. I eat like a 48-year-old woman now.
37. I like to hula-hoop.
38. and jumprope.
39. and run through sprinklers.
40. The Pacific Northwest -particularly Seattle and Portland – nourish my spirit.
41. New York City feeds my soul.
42. I cry at least once a week – could be from frustration, sadness, anger or happiness. Depends on the week…or the commercial on TV.
43. My favorite musicians are twenty one pilots, Van Morrison, Beastie Boys, P!nk and Enimem.
44. My first concert was Willie Nelson. I fell asleep.
45.My second concert was Def Leppard. I stayed up all night.
46. Being a mom is the second most natural thing for me.
47. Being me is supposed to be the most natural thing – sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.
48. I am ready for whatever this next year brings me…and I hope that one thing it brings is you and I closer.
xoxo ~Julie