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Hi there! Julie Watson Smith here. Thank you so much for your interest in starting your own Character Club.

I just returned a bit ago from watching a friend of mine teach her very own Character Club. It was incredible. Working with kids really is one of the best jobs in the world. I have loved teaching my own classes; and, I have to admit, it was just as incredible watching someone else teach their own class too! She was saying that running her own program has given her so many amazing opportunities to connect with families and kids. She felt like she is really making a difference. And, she gets to bring an income while doing it! Woohoo!!

The Why That Made Me Cry

I love receiving the calls and emails I receive from parents sharing the impact Character Clubs has made in their lives. When I see or hear from the children and families I work with, they are eager to share their latest success stories. They are thrilled at how their family has connected and how their child is feeling like a leader. And, they often say they want “more, more, MORE!” You’d think this would be the why that makes me cry, right? Not really. Yes, it makes me cry, but it isn’t THE why that makes me cry.

The why that make (and still makes) me cry started when my son, almost seven, brought home a flyer on responsibility. Instead of giving it the ol’ once over, I actually read the flyer. Then I sat down with my three kids to explain responsibility. And, I mean really explain responsibility – not just say, “Everyone has responsibilities to tend to like making your bed and feeding the cat.” No, we had a true discussion about how responsibility was accepting the outcomes that our thoughts, our words and our actions had on ourselves and on others. Over the next few weeks, we talked more about how responsibility applied to our life while also creating daily habits of character. I gotta tell you – the transformations were amazing.

One day we were running errands and my son said, “Mom, I know my purpose in life.” “Really?” I responded thinking he was going to tell me he wanted to amass the world’s largest collection of Pokémon cards. “Yep, I gotta teach others to respect the environment. Together, we have to be responsible for Earth.” Whoa. My first instinct normally would’ve been to say, “That’s something great to do when you grow up.” Instead, I said, “Awesome. What can I do to support you right now?”

His face lit up. And, that is the why that makes me cry. That’s the why that turned my life around. He felt inspired. He felt connected. He felt valued. Just looking at him, you could tell he felt like a leader. He knew at that moment that he could do more than just be or see the changes he wished, he could lead them.

From that moment, I shifted everything I do to support children – your children, my children – our children – to become leaders. I want them to feel heard and valued. I want them to feel connected to their families and communities. I want them to feel unstoppable. I want you to feel unstoppable too.

BE the Difference to Today’s Youth

I have dedicated myself to really building character in kids, families and communities so it won’t come as a surprise that I’d like to see a Character Club in every community around the world Obviously, I cannot do this alone, which is why I have created the Character Clubs training program. I need your help.

If you are someone who has a desire influence change and be the difference to today’s youth, then you are an ideal candidate to lead your own Character Clubs as a Character Coach. Character Coaches help children, parents, schools and businesses learn to lead by implementing habits of character, establishing goals and benchmarks and defining action plans.

The Opportunities are Endless!

Having your own Character Club is a great way to strengthen your family bonds while also spending more quality time with your child’s or grandchild’s, and, if you choose, bringing in some extra income and making a difference. The opportunities are endless!

Here’s just a handful of ways you can start using the information today…

Strengthen and connect your family while teaching your child essential life skills and developing leadership ability. (Remember, YOU are your child’s first teacher!)
Volunteer in your child or grandchild’s school or church. (Teachers are always looking to have innovative speakers in their classrooms!)
Integrate into traditional, private, charter, homeschooling or church curriculum.
Apply for your own personal growth and development.
Enhance an existing business or career. (Character education isn’t limited to just classrooms; it is essential in boardrooms, locker rooms, family rooms, living rooms and beyond!)
Start your own coaching practice.
Expand your current education, skills and training.
Start a Character Clubs program in YOUR community. (This is a fantastic way to start earning immediate income!) Read on…
Start Empowering Young People through Character Clubs

Character Clubs offers you a unique opportunity to build a successful program while contributing to your community. Our services are in high demand. Teachers, parents, school administrators, businesses and government have vested interests in building character, confidence and community in today’s youth. Character Clubs understands the benefits of providing experiences that do just that.

Character Clubs provide a variety of fun, entertaining and educational leadership programs for children, ages 4-9, that can be held in schools, home, camps, libraries, community centers, churches and more. (BTW, your Character Club could be a music club, stamp club, a doodle-tip-you-turn-blue club; it’s the foundation of character that makes the difference in it!) I can’t say it enough… Character Clubs truly is a fantastic opportunity to connect with kids. I love it. And, I would like to have a Character Clubs program in every community and even every school. Again, I can’t do it alone. I need people just like you. Our children need people just like you.

Are You Ready?

The Character Clubs training gives you the skills necessary to develop habits of character and leadership abilities in children. You will be able to develop your own program based on the materials provided. More than that, you will influence strong communities of character that can empower our children to become tomorrow’s leaders today.


This comprehensive digital curriculum provides you with in-depth lessons on Leadership as a Lifestyle, Developing Your Habits of Character, Program Set-Up and Program Management. As a bonus, you will also receive six themed session ideas complete with a variety of activities and exercises. Quite frankly, it’s a no-brainer because I want you to get yourself up and running quickly!

So, now that you see the topics, let me go through step by step so you can see exactly what you’re going to be getting.

➤ An easy-to-follow, user-friendly online training “classroom.”  In the classroom, you will receive step-by-step instructions and lessons delivered over a four-week period. Designed to allow you to move at your own pace, this material covers Leadership as a Lifestyle, Developing your Habits of Character, Personal Set-Up, and Program Management. You will also receive support documents, resources and much more. Oh – I forgot to mention – you have lifetime access to this classroom too!!

➤ Six kid-tested program themes and curriculum. This section provides comprehensive lessons, activities and exercises (over 50 plus variations on them – enough for a full year of activities without repeating one!) on the following themes: Superhero Shuffle, Cooking with Character, Super Sleuths, Creature Comforts, Green Leaf, and Holiday Helpers.

➤ A 30-minute personal implementation session with me to make sure you actually get your return on investment. It’s not enough that you invest in this system, I want you to implement these strategies so you can be the next big success story!

➤ The digital version of Character Clubs at Home which will be provided to you the very first day in our classroom.

➤ Marketing announcement via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media forums. (Yay social media!)

➤ Additional resources, support and ideas shared via Pinterest, audios and more.

“I’m Ready! How much does the training cost?”

This program is an investment – an investment in your family, yourself, your business – an investment into your future – our future.

So, before I tell you the price, I want you to take a look at the check below. Yes, it’s a real check. (It was from of my own classes taught by the friend I mentioned above.) She earned that in one month, teaching one class for 90 minutes a week with her kids on-site and engaged in the class as well.

checks PicMonkey Collage

$1350. Not bad, right?

Here’s the deal, I was approached with someone who asked me to consider turning Character Clubs into a franchise. I considered it and figured $1500 was a very fair price. However, franchising wasn’t what I really wanted to do. I wanted to get this training in front of as many people as I could so they could do with it what they wanted. I wanted this training to be flexible and accessible to all. Also, more than “selling” you something; I want to build a relationship with you. In turn, I want you to build a relationship with kids, families and your community.

So, I have priced the Character Clubs training at only $247. However, the next 50 folks that order it, will get it for just $125. (Yes, you read that right – $125.)

Why would I price it so low? I want to kick it into high gear by getting this program into the hands of people just like you, and offering it at that price makes it pretty easy to do just that. Now, I’m for reals on this 50 person thing. I’m counting so if you are interested, I’d snag it now because it **will** go back up after the next 50 people.

I know there are many other programs and business opportunities out there such as Avon, Arbonne, Discovery Toys, Send Out Cards and so much more that support moms in raising their family and growing a business. (In fact, I’m also a Send Out Cards rep because their message aligns so beautifully with our message of gratitude!) The Character Clubs training program believes in that same support. I know that your family is your priority. I know you want to make a difference. And, I know that a little extra money coming into the house is a good thing as well. The Character Clubs training program and was designed to meet all these needs.

So, if you think this sounds like a fit for you, I’d be honored to have you join our growing family of Character Coaches. Again, the price is only $125 for the 50 folks. After that, it will be $247.

I’m Ready!

For my investment of $247 $147, I understand I’ll get:

Lifetime access to the online training program.
Digital urriculum with six kid-tested theme and over 50 activities, exercises and lessons.
A 30-minute implementation meeting to get my program running quickly.
A digital version of Character Clubs at Home.
Marketing support via social media.
Access to additional resources, ideas and support.

So, are you ready to BE and LEAD the difference?  Order via our secure servers now.