To influence a teen, you must understand teens…
to understand teens, you must speak teen

I Can Help You Learn the Language

I work with educators, businesses and community leaders, such as yours, to understand adolescent actions, interactions and influence so teen’s feel seen, heard and valued.

All of our consulting services and solutions are custom-tailored to meet the need of your school or organization. 

Julie Smith - Consulting

Our services include:

Behavioral Interpretation and Analysis

We specialize in studying people, especially adolescents. With behavioral interpretation and analysis, Julie and her team analyze patterns, habits and norms of individuals or groups to help understand, predict and change behavior. This can be used to identify both individual and organization needs, such as mental and emotional health or concerns such as addictive behaviors, aggressive behavior reduction and classroom or organizational structure.

Staff Development Workshops

Educators, parent-teacher advocate groups and other caring professionals are an invaluable resource for supporting social, emotional and civic learning in adolescents. Our staff development workshops help you identify social-emotional red flags and risk-factors affecting students and develop action plans that supporting a school culture of acceptance and resiliency. Download our speakers kit for a listing of our current workshops.

Market Research

To engage with adolescents and their families, you must better understand their needs, fears, hopes and desires. This knowledge helps you understand what drives their connection with your school culture or business brand. I understand how the adolescent market thinks, and I am able to ask the right questions to help you see the world the way adolescents do.

Custom Program and Curriculum Development

Developing social-emotional skills can lead to a decrease in depression, anxiety and aggression among students, increase resiliency, higher academic achievement, and an improved ability for all to function in schools and community. Together, we can create and implement a custom program or curriculum to address these five key areas – self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible problem solving /decision-making skills – and create a culture that meets the needs of educators, adolescents and parents.

Spokesperson or Media Host Capacity

I have a proven track record of connecting with an audience and getting the message out. I am able to provide straightforward, engaging guidance that aligns with your branding to connect with and influence adolescents and their families.