My high school English teacher said once, “You get what you give.” Over the years, those words have stuck with me.

I wholeheartedly believe that we must give to receive. If you want kindness in the world, be kindness.

And, let me be very clear. You do not need to be a saint to be kind. I am definitely no saint.

I did my fair share of sneaking out to party up when I was a teen, slipping veggies in my kiddos smoothies without telling ‘em, and now dropping a few (often many!) S-stickers and F-bombs in my conversations. I’ve also have my moments when I’m definitely not the sunniest person in the room. I suspect you may be the same. And, you know what? It doesn’t matter because, I also suspect that, like me, you care the heck out of this world.

This spark of kindness lights up not just our commitment to creating a culture of care but our commitment to community. Community is the fire that fuels our ability to advocate, to support, to love both ourself and one another. It connects us and offers us a sense of belonging.

Community is da-bomb. And, that is why we happily give 10% back to organizations in our glocal (global + local) communities that support adolescents and families such as The Trevor Society, Alzheimer’s Association and Planned Parenthood. In addition, our team + our families dedicate at least one day each month to help make our world a little brighter. xo

Planned Parenthood
Alzheimer's Association
Trevor Project