Giving Back

My high school English teacher said once, “You get what you give.”   Over the years, those words stuck with me.

 I wholeheartedly believe that we must give to receive. If you want kindness in the world, be kindness.

And, let me be very clear. You do not need to be a saint to be kind. I am definitely no saint. I have done my fair share of sneaking out to party up when I was a teen, slipping veggies in my kiddos smoothies without telling ‘em, and now, dropping a few (often many!) S-stickers and F-bombs in my conversations. I’ve also had my share of moments where I’m definitely not the sunniest person in the room.

I suspect you may be the same. And, you know what. It doesn’t matter because, I also suspect that, like me, you care the heck out of this world.

This foundation of care and kindness is what fuels our commitment to creating a culture of care. We happily give 10% back to organizations that support adolescents and families such as The Trevor Society, Alzheimer's Association and Pencils for Promise.  In addition, our team + our families dedicate one day each month to volunteering in our communities.




Parenting can feel downright terrifying when you don't know what’s going on with your tween or teen.