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Julie Smith, a renowned expert in interpreting adolescent behavior, is a licensed psychotherapist, award-winning author and sought-after speaker.

She has the insightful ability to uncover the hidden forces that drive human nature. Adults have called her “the voice of reason and truth” and kids say “she just gets it.” With a blend of wit and wisdom, Julie regularly engages audiences of parents, educators and clinicians to communicate and connect.

Her ability to relate with others will have each person feel like she is speaking directly to them — and that connection keeps her message alive long after the conversation is over. Julie has been quoted and featured in many outlets. She speaks on topics such as adolescent behavior, caring for aging parents, community building, building a successful counseling practice.

With genuine care, concern and compassion for others, Julie, a mother of three teens, has made an impact in the lives of thousands of adolescents and their families around the globe.

Julie often speaks about adolescent behavior at home and in the classroom, community-building and entrepreneurship. A sampling of her presentations include: 

» Mastering Your Adolescent’s Language: What tweens-and-teens say is not what they mean.

» Under Pressure and Undercover: Learn the challenges your tween-to-teen is hiding from you.

» The Danger of a Label: Understand how labels can hurt - and the one time it can help - adolescents

» The Secrets behind Pre-Occupied Student: Learn the concerns holding students back + how you can help them let go

» Suffering in Silence: Addressing the Rise of Anxiety, Depression + Self-Harm in your Students

» Role Reversal: Learning to Care for your Aging Parents while also Caring for yourself

» The Power of Giving Back: 10 ways helping others builds a stronger community

» How to Leverage your Sweet Spot: Learn to build your thriving counseling practice and business


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