I am infinitely grateful each day for the opportunity to spend time with incredible families, kids, and caring adults.

these happy people made my heart overflow with gratitude  + love for the work I do.

From Educators, Clinicians + Other Service Professionals

“Julie Smith presents workshops that empower students and educators. Her friendly personality is welcoming and warm. She demonstrates a keen understanding of children’s cognitive and social skills. In addition, her hands-on approach gets others actively involved and motivated. I would highly recommend her presentations.”

Johnna Wynn, teacher

“Julie’s work is needed in every community.”

Kevin Colon, Community Leader

“I met Julie when I was first creating my business plan. Her contagious enthusiasm inspired me to follow my passion and brought clarity to who the Family Whisperer is. The more we talk the clearer my vision becomes. Julie is really easy to bounce ideas off on and you never know where they will lead. She had so many future ideas that I could add to my business, I could not write them down fast enough! During our ongoing conversations, Julie helped me solidify marketing and networking strategies for the next several months so that I am ready to launch both sides of my business in the fall.”

Cheryl Hamilton, Family Whisperer

“I know a woman who has this ‘thing’ about words. She loves to name products, she’s a wiz at coming up with tag lines and sound bites. She’s a word geek and she’s a great person to know when it comes time to develop a sales page or name your new product. She can quickly come up with a tagline or sales copy that makes the words jump from the page and hug you around the neck. Julie really should change her middle name to ‘Word’ because then she’d be called Julie Word Smith and that’s just who she is! I highly recommend her for your next project or social media management.”

Kelly Paull, Directly Successful

From Parents and Other Caring Adults*

“Julie Smith is the Tween-whisperer. She just gets them. She understands their moodiness, their challenges, and their quirkiness. And they love her for it. If your child, tween, or teenager is experiencing difficulty in their life and needs someone to talk to who isn’t you, Julie Smith is the ideal person. She will help them understand their own complexities and get them back to a good place in their life. She helps inspire them to be their best selves and will work with your family to get through tough times. I highly recommend Julie as an adolescent and family counselor – my kids love her and I do too.”

Andrea, mom of 2 (ages 8 and 11)

“Thank you, Julie. You have been a true gift to our family.”

B., dad of 2 (ages 13 and 15)

“You have helped my daughter – and me – in such a positive and profound way. Thank you for helping us move around the obstacles to come together in such an unexpected but totally amazing way.”

GL, mom of 1, (age 14)

“I am happy to say that summer is coming to an end with a great kid who is now doing well. I can honestly say that thanks to your fabulous program, you have helped “B” as well as my parenting in terms of remembering what is important in daily life and being grateful for so much.”

CS, parent of 2 (ages 7 and 9)

“Our daughter is graduating from college today because of you. She was floundering in middle school and high school – frustrated, depressed and skipping classes. You helped us learn to understand what was going on and get her the support she needed. Thank you so much!”

A.G., mom of 2 (ages 16 and 22)

“Julie was a very small price to pay to give us peace of mind. I’d pay over and over again.”

J.K. mom of 2 (ages 11 and 13)

“My 11-year-old was having difficulty adjusting to the many changes that were happening in his life. I turned to Julie for help and I am glad I did. I see my son growing and healing in so many ways. He looks forward to seeing Julie. I definitely recommend Julie to anyone in need of support.”

J.M., mom of 2 (ages 11 and 19)

“Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and passions with our children!”

Joanne, mom of four (ages 2-12)

“Julie’s expertise with middle schoolers is awesome. She communicated with our daughter in a way that did not set up her defenses, but rather got her to open up and share how she is feeling. She gave us the tools to work through our feelings as well so we can understand one another, which allows us to enjoy our time together so much more.”

A mom of 13-year-old daughter

“Julie’s expertise with middle schoolers is awesome. She communicated with our daughter in a way that did not set up her defenses, but rather got her to open up and share how she is feeling. She gave us the tools to work through our feelings as well so we can understand one another, which allows us to enjoy our time together so much more.”

A mom of 13-year-old daughter

“We just wanted to thank you for all of your help when we were struggling with our daughter. After listening to your tips, we realized that we had to change what we were doing before anything was going to change with her. Today, we are getting along so much better. We are so grateful for all your help and caring.”

S.L., mom of 1 (age 14)

“I’m writing to tell you that I just dropped my daughter at college. We are so proud of her.  More than that, we are grateful that she has an opportunity for a full life. Thank you for all your help, support and guidance. I am forever grateful to you for making this possible.”

~T, mom of three

“Thank you, Julie, for helping me and my son. I was starting to feel like I was losing him. With just a few of your ideas, we are now talking and even laughing again. Thank you!”

T., mom of 2, (ages 4 and 13)

“I am truly blessed to have found Julie Smith. She was referred [to me]…. My son was having constant behavior issues at school. It got to the point where he was at the office nearly every week. And, since he started with Julie…,he has not gone to the office not even once! Praise the Lord for having given such potential/talent to Julie! She over-delivers and truly engages with the child and us parents. Thank YOU Julie; and God Bless…!”

LD, mom of 2 (ages 9 and 13)

“Coaching with you was the best investment I have ever made in my family. Thank you so much, Julie!”

Lindy, mom of 3 (ages 12, 13 and 19)

“I was at my wits end when I found you. My son was out of control and headed down a self-destructive path. You were so kind, empathetic and nonjudgmental that I instantly felt hope for my child. The choices, strategies and suggestions you offered for my son were exactly what we both needed. Thank you!!”

J.D., mom of 3 (ages 9, 12 + 15)

“The work you do is so important.  You have a gift that rises above degrees and clinical knowledge.  You have the ability to touch people and make a difference.  As a parent who felt helpless, frightened and out of my depth when faced with issues I never thought I would have to face, I am grateful you have been there to help, not just my daughter, but our entire family navigate through these difficult times.”

M.T. mom of three (ages 12, 13 and 16)

“My daughter graduates from high school tomorrow on time and with good grades for her final year.  I could not let this moment pass without recognizing your contributions. Without your support, knowledge and sincere devotion to her mental and emotional well-being, I am sure we would not be celebrating this achievement. While it is true, she has worked hard and overcome much; without the tools, encouragement and therapy you provided, she would not be the hopeful and happy young woman she is today.  Thank you does not seem nearly enough.  As we watch our daughter walk across the stage tomorrow to receive her diploma, please know that we will be thinking of you with great affection and appreciation.”

T.M. parent of three

From Children + Adolescents

“I told all my friends at school to call you because you totally get what is going on with us.”

S, age 15

“Thank you, Julie. You have had such a positive impact on my life. I look at where I was a year or two ago to where I’m am now. Holy moly! I really love me and what’s going on in my life.”

M, age 19

“I’m going to call you an uncounselor because you aren’t like any other counselor I’ve been to. You totally get me. Thanks for helping me out through some tough times.””

15 year old girl

*Due to the confidential nature of psychotherapy,   some names and identifying information have been withheld.