What is Life/Mentor Coaching?

Mental Health

Coaching is an action-oriented, client-centered modality designed to bridge where you are today to where you want to be.

By raising awareness and encouraging you to take responsibility for your life, life coaching helps you rise to your own particular challenge and go further than you ever thought possible.

When considering a particular area of life, be it career, family, relationships, health, and so on, individuals fall into one of the following:

1. I don’t know what I want;
2. I know what I want, but don’t know how to get it;
3. I know what I want and how to get it, but something keeps holding me back;
4. I know what I want, how to get it and I’m motivated and on track; and
5. I know what I want and I’ve already got it/I want to maintain it!

If you’ve identified with one or more of these statements, then life coaching could make the difference you’re looking for.

A fundamental principle of coaching is that each person knows best what they want. Call it gut-feel, intuition, or a hunch, you generally do know what you want or don’t want at some level. It may not be at a conscious level, or worse yet it may be well hidden but at your very core, you do know. Life coaching can help you access your own inner knowledge. In doing so, you establish what you really want in a particular scenario. The coaching techniques employed to do this vary from person to person and range from asking powerful open-ended questions and creative visualization to considering the same subject from a variety of different perspectives.


How Does Coaching Work?

Coaching sessions are held either face to face or virtually (phone, web-based video service). You will meet/ring your coach at a pre-arranged time for weekly sessions, which can last between 30 and 60 minutes.

During that time, we will work to set what is called an agenda, which is just the issue you would like to address.  With my guidance, you will explore various options open to you that might enable you to take a step nearer to your goal.

Most people look to life coaching when they want to breathe life into areas that are not working well or to take their success to a new level.  If you can see such a gap in your own life, and particularly if it’s an uncomfortably large one that’s been lingering around for a while, perhaps now is the time to take the first step toward closing it.